2018-Fasher-Ghost horse shadow-bronze&steel-20x30.5x16.5cm-2

New Acquisition

Harrie Fasher
Ghost horse shadow
bronze and steel
20 x 30.5 x 16.5 cm

The Gallery recently acquired Harrie Fasher’s Ghost horse shadow, from her first exhibition—Studies in bronze and steel— at King Street Gallery on William, Sydney.
17 July – 11 August 2018.

Thanks to support from the Friends of Orange Regional Gallery, this striking new work has been added to the Gallery’s collection and marks the beginning of a new chapter, with Small Sculptures becoming a collection focus area.

Harrie Fasher said of the work:

“This sculpture received a lot of attention in the King Street Gallery exhibition, and was the first sculpture I made in that body of work.  It is a memorial to a young man from Taralga we tragically lost three years ago.  George was the archetypal bushy; the type of character that built rural Australia.  He could shoe a horse, shear sheep, build a house and loved to head off with a billy, his swag and pack horse.  His adventurous spirit was complemented by a fabulous jazz music collection.  Georges absence is palpable. It is very special that this tribute to George Dixon’s memory is to be held at Orange Regional Gallery.”

Image Credit: Silversalt Photography