Being asked to curate an exhibition at Orange Regional Gallery still seems quite surreal to me. I was extremely flattered to be asked and then felt quite daunted by the task ahead.

I’ve never considered myself to be an authority on art, I know what I like and I appreciate almost every type of art and design. It’s what I’m passionate about and I strive to share my passion with others. This is what I’ve attempted to do with the exhibition editioned: prints from the collection which is on now in Gallery 2.

I love printmaking; I studied several different printmaking mediums at university. It’s such a diverse and challenging practice that I feel is sometimes undervalued.

This exhibition showcases some of the Orange Regional Gallery’s finest works on paper, and there were many to choose from! I’ve selected a vast range of works that celebrate all the different techniques and effects only achievable in printmaking. Anyone who’s ever tried their hand at printmaking can appreciate the skill that produced these works.

I’ve been drawn to printmaking through my own practice; it’s the long, meditative process that attracts me to this art form. Printmaking is not instantly gratifying; you can’t make a mark and suddenly see what the final product will look like. You have to plan and experiment and use your imagination to view the final product in your head. You have to let the work build and grow as it’s made and it can be disappointing at times but mostly surprisingly satisfying.

Editioned: prints from the collection features all types of different printmaking mediums and styles from some of Australia’s best printmakers. It was great fun to dig through the stores to select the work for this exhibition and I hope you have just as much fun viewing them.

[Madeline Holborow is the director of The Corner Store Gallery in Orange. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Newcastle and has since worked as the Artist in Residence at Kinross Wolaroi School from 2011-2014].