FORG Purchases

Over the past 30 years, The Friends of Orange Regional Gallery (FORG) have assisted with the purchase of over 30 significant artworks by nationally celebrated artists as well as significant works by artists from the Orange region for the Gallery’s permanent collection. Supporting the Gallery through fundraising initiatives is a high priority for FORG.  Some of these purchases are shown below.

2018 Purchase:  Harrie Fasher 

2018-Fasher-Ghost horse shadow-bronze&steel-20x30.5x16.5cm-2

2017 Priority One Purchase: Purchased with the aid of donations from the public.
Neil Cuthbert: The Architect’s Progress: a series of 8 paintings. One of these is shown below.
Click here for a document showing all the paintings.


2016 Purchase:  Sculpture: Sendon Blackwood


2005 Purchases: Sculpture: Alan Peascod

Peascod sm

Fabric sculptural hanging: Keiko Schmeisser