Sculpture in an Orange Garden

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April 2018

The Friends of the Orange Regional Gallery are pleased to announce the inaugural Sculptures in an Orange Garden event.

The event will include sculptures and artworks from the region and will be held in conjunction with Orange Food Week, a successful event in the Orange calendar.

The exhibition will provide an opportunity for local artists to exhibit their works to the public; as well as provide another event for Food Week visitors.

A Children’s Sculpture walk will add interest to the exhibition. Kids entry categories will be based on the appropriate school age group: Pre-School: Infants:  Primary:  Secondary

  • So if you are a sculptor or want to be a sculptor – start sculpting now!

Proceeds from the Sculptures in an Orange Garden event will provide the Orange Regional Gallery with funds to acquire new works for the collection.

Location in 2017:  ‘Rosemont’ 909 Cadia Road   ORANGE (12 kms from Orange)
Opening times: 9am to 4pm both days
Refreshments: Morning Tea: Lunch: Afternoon Tea available
Parking:  Available
Entry into the event is $5.00 per person

Entry details for sculptors will be notified soon….

For more information contact: 

  • Ellen Fisher:  0418262334
  • Lynne Lampe: 0412867046