IN DOG YEARS I’M DEAD      Jane Tyack

8 July to 20 August 2017

Jane Tyack - Standing on a promise cropped
Jane Tyack, Standing on a Promise, 2017, mixed media

For Central West artist Jane Tyack, the process of growing up came with a loss of childhood imagination, which she now seeks to reclaim through her work.

Making assemblages allows her to re-gather the threads of childhood as she aims to make uninhibited and whimsical works.

“Growing up was a wrench for me—to have to let go of my youthful world fired by my imagination and need for excitement. All at once there was so much external expectation. I found myself drawing comparisons between my desires and aspirations compared to the evolving lives of my peers. Why did I have to grow up so quickly?”

— Jane Tyack


8 July to 10 September 2017

180x180cm Oil On Plywood
Ildiko Kovacs, Over the Gap, 2015, oil on plywood. Courtesy of the artist and Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney

This landmark exhibition brings together a substantial selection of work by 150 artists featured in Artist Profile magazine, over its 10 year history. The exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of painting in Australasia from 2007 to 2017.

With 40 issues of high quality interviews and stories to its credit, Artist Profile has made a major contribution to the cultural life of Australia. The accessible approach taken by its writers and editors—with an emphasis on artists’ working processes and personal perspectives—has ensured that the magazine has become a touchstone publication for artists, collectors and art lovers.

An Artist Profile and Orange Regional Gallery partnership exhibition curated by Kon Gouriotis and Lucy Stranger.


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