Curtain Call: Andrew Antoniou

1 August – 22 September

Andrew Antoniou’s fascination with the theatre has been a life-long affair. Since first engaging with the pantomime tradition as a child, an interest in the ways in which we organise and give ritual meaning to our lives through stagecraft and storytelling has occupied the artist’s thoughts, and shaped his artistic practice.

Antonious’ work conceives of the stage as a space separate to, and yet intrinsically reflective of, our everyday lives—our quotidian dreams and desires. Allowing us to see ourselves as from above, observing the tragedies, comedies, and mysteries of our lives, the visual vocabulary of the theatre—replete with open-ended symbols, tropes, and motifs taken uncannily out of context—gives us a scaffold around which to understand our lives and our conditions.

Erin McFadyen, Artist Profile, April 2019

Andrew Antoniou, Let’s Dance, charcoal and conté on paper100cm x 124cm