‘Margaret Loy Pula: Anatye’


Hailing from the remote community of Utopia in Central Australia, Margaret Loy Pula continues a legacy that dates back millennia. Painting traditional stories handed down from her father she depicts homelands, bush foods and ceremonial designs using a patternation of intricate dot work.

“This painting is about my culture, my family. That’s my father’s dreaming. This is from my father’s country, that country is called “Unjangola”. That is north of Utopia, not too far but really desert country”.

Surrounded by an incredibly distinguished artistic family, Pula has been exposed to art her entire life but did not pursue painting until 2007.

An integral part of her culture, Pula’s primary subject matter is ‘Anatye’, the bush potato or yam. Her paintings are an aerial view of the growth pattern of the plant. More than just a source of sustenance, the yam holds a deep spiritual significance to the Anmatyerre people of Central Australia.

2 February – 24 March 2019