Mary Turner Collection


27 February to 22 April 2018

Until The Orange Regional Gallery Collection is founded on the Mary Turner Collection, presented to the City of Orange in 1982. Mary Turner’s significant donation of thirty four paintings from her personal collection was guided by several considerations. Her family links to the region played an important role, as did the positive attitude of the council and the strong climate of community support for the arts.

As time goes by Mary Turner’s generous gift to Orange grows in significance. She had a keen eye for great art while it was being produced and had the foresight to collect and support many of the artists who have become icons of Australian art. The collection is eclectic and a testament to Mary Turner’s ability to see beyond mere style – ranging from obersvational painting to experimental abstraction.

Artists in the collection include Roland Wakelin, Grace Cossington Smith, Sidney Nolan, Ian Fairweather, Kevin Connor, Weaver Hawkins, Alison Rehfisch, Salvatore Zofrea and George Duncan.

Image: Roland Wakelin, The pillar box, c. 1960, oil on paper, 35.7cm x 46cm

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