Orange Air: Thomas Pearson

Thomas Pearson, Clepsammia, 2018, blown glass

23 June -19 August, 2018

In this exhibition, Thomas Pearson seeks to investigate the narrative of classical forms through the practice of making by hand. His work is made using traditional Venetian glassblowing techniques, and references objects such as the hourglass. The form of the hourglass is bodily and gives it its function. The movement of the sand records time, through a repetitive, changing internal landscape.

Bottles and hourglasses rely on internal spaces which hold and capture light. These contemplative works present an interlinking of meditative process and sculpture. The overlap between figurative and function is a narrative about containing the uncontainable, about measuring what resists being measured.

This work was made with assistance from the South Australian Government through Carclew and created using facilities at JamFactory, SA.


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