Luminous Relic


23 May – 17 June, 2018

Luminous relic is a major collaborative painting and moving image work by Mandy Martin and Alexander Boynes, with a score by Tristen Parr. Based on fieldwork around industrial Geelong, this urgent, politically charged work examines the ongoing and cumulative effects of industrialisation and natural resources consumption on landscapes, fragile ecosystems and human conditions.

Mandy Martin has built up layers of ochres, sands, iridescent and fluorescent pigments to literally paint the body of the industrial complex into the ice shelf. This high key reflective surface allows the multichannel video work by Alexander Boynes to play with the element of time in what appears to be a static moment.

Tristen Parr’s reflective score interprets the industrial sounds of Geelong and of ice melting and cracking. These are blended with the sound of electronically manipulated cello creating an other-worldly sonic landscape. The score adds pathos and gravitas to the contemplative space and sublime proposition of Luminous relic.


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