Presence: Two Visions of Landscape

Ros Auld Ceramic
Ros Auld and Claire Primrose, Terrain, 2017, collaborative ceramic.

Ros Auld and Claire Primrose

27 May – 2 July 2017

Two artists come together to explore an authentic connection to the natural world.

Ros Auld aims to express both the strength and fragility of nature using materials from the earth, with an interplay between the monumental forms and delicate surface textures in her ceramic works. With landscape as her source, she is interested in the accumulation of recollected impressions rather than particular sites.

Claire Primrose’s recent work is similarly inspired and informed by many different locations from the Australian landscape. Using soil and water samples from field trips, she recreates the surfaces, textures and colours of particular places, although each work is a culmination of many different images, places and experiences.

Curated by Peter Haynes.