Raw Language: esotericism in outsider art

3 August – 8 September

Raw Language: esotericism in outsider art continues Orange Regional Gallery’s tradition of championing Outsider artists with an examination of the esoteric in Outsider art. The esoteric is that which is understood by only a small number of people who possess specialized understanding. It references occultism, mysticism, and alternative understandings of mainstream religion. Sacred or profane, it is an enthralling subject, as people have an innate desire to learn the secrets that are kept from them.

Focussing on Australian art, this exhibition allows the viewer to glean an insight into the secret and mystical knowledge possessed by these artists, whether it be the
artists’ take on esoteric Christianity, occultism, or their own secret language and understanding of the world.

An Orange Regional Gallery exhibition Curated by Henry Sisley.

CONTENT WARNING: This exhibition includes graphic content of an explicit, sexual nature. 

Anthony Mannnix, The happy clock tower, 2019, mixed media 100 x 100cm