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Photograph courtesy Richard Swansborough

9 February to 1 April 2018

StarPicket is inspired by the astronomical translations of the night sky in relation to seasonal land management activity and physical pathways, through oral histories by Indigenous Traditional Owners and Elders in both the Central West NSW, and Lake Mungo NSW. Artists explore interpretations of star navigation with relativity to cross culture, geomorphology, wayfaring and storytelling.

Genevieve Carroll, Phoebe Cowdery, John Daly, Jaq Davies, Rebecca Dowling, Virginia Hilyard, Ken Hutchinson, Aleshia Lonsdale, Bill Moseley, Nyree Reynolds, Irene Ridgeway, Vicki Skarratt, Heather Vallance and Lee Wynyard.Curated by Phoebe Cowdery and Aleshia Lonsdale.

Click here for the online catalogue



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