Tim Allen: Immersion

18 May – 28 July

Immersion—deep involvement—describes both Tim Allen’s working process and his connection to landscape.

A day spent painting or drawing en plein air is an all-encompassing experience of fluctuating light, weather and comfort levels. These conditions, along with an intense focus, result in work that tracks a dialogue between observation, memory and abstract mark-making. Mark making is key – the ability to describe both emotional intent and observation in one mark.

He takes an expressive, physical approach to art making —working fast, boldly and intuitively. In the studio he balances this with long periods of contemplation and stillness—thoughts punctuated by bursts of activity.

An Orange Regional Gallery exhibition.

Join Tim Allen for a 1.5 day mixed media workshop. Click here for more information.

Entwine_oil on linen_122x122cm_2018
Tim Allen, Entwine, 2018, oil on linen, 122 x 122 cm