Young Archie Central West

Young Archie Central West celebrates the creativity of more than one hundred young people from across our region through a collection of insightful portraits highlighting their most significant relationships.

As part of the Archibald Prize 2018 regional tour to Orange, budding artists between the ages of 5 and 18 were invited to submit a portrait of someone who is known to them and plays an important role in their life.

Finalist were selected in each age category: 5‐8 year olds, 9‐12 year olds, 13‐15 year olds and 16‐18 year olds and judged by Richard Morecroft and Archibald Prize 2018 finalist Alison Mackay.

Winner, 5‐8 Years – Digby Luelf, My mum
Finalists,  5‐8 Years  Amelia King, Hannah my sister, Micah Parton, Brianna, Winona Wade, I love you Grand Nan, Loti Ward, Layers of love

Winner 9‐12 Years – Milla Jurd, My fun teacher
Finalists 9‐12 Years – Amelia Caulfield, Miss Piggin, Juliette Colla, Mum, Ivy Hawker Oily Freya, Lisa Walker, My friend who likes birds

Winner 13‐15 Years – Charli Hobbs, Babushka
Finalists 13‐15 Years – Shaylee Fogarty, The adventure that awaits, Olivia Jackson, Untitled, Josie Kearney, #twinning, Abigail Kittler, Shino

Winner 16‐18 Years – Liz Saunders, Washed out
Finalists 13‐15 Years – Angus Clarke, Les, Bella Hoyle Davies, Somebody that I used to know

Young Archie Central West presents the creative energy of our regions
young people and showcases their artistic individuality.

Young Archie Central West is supported by the Art Gallery of New South
Wales and presenting partner ANZ.